2016.11.07. It is our pleasure to introduce our new partner Gard Chemicals.

Situated in the U.K., Gard Chemicals is a specialist manufacturer of adhesive glue cleaners and release agents for the hot and cold glues used within the food, drink, packaging and associated industries, and has recently developed a new range of products that removes sticky issues with adhesives. 
Whatever type of adhesive you use, we have the solutions to remove any unwanted deposits safely and effectively, as well as the release agents to prevent it from sticking again.

2016.11.03. It is our pleasure to introduce our new partner SOLEMA

Solema designs and builds industrial machines for automation, in order to enhance productivity and efficency in graphic art and paper board industry.
The Solemawide portfolio of standard machines, combined to create a custom made automation is the best guarantee for the printers and bookbinding who want to increase quality, productivity and the overall efficiency of their operations.
Solema optimizes your production with automation.