About us

GK TRADE company was established in 2008 as material and solution supplier for graphic industry.

At the end of 2013 we started our sister company GK TRADE GLUING SOLUTIONS in Estonia.

2014 we started our activities in paper converting as well as wood and furniture industries.

2015 we did company rebrand and focussed our activity in gluing process and glue for all industries where glue and gluing proves involved.

In co-operation with our long term partners, world leading glue producers and gluing system supplier company Baumers HHS we bring to life more than 200 successful projects.


Today we supply also new and second hand print finishing, packaging and paper converting equipment, provide machine and gluing system overhauling services. Our customer service program include loan of glue systems and machinery. In addition to that, we consult our customers about the implementation of new technologies.


Our values- responsibility and trust. Working closely with our customers we can help make the customer’s companies more efficient. Synergy with our customers, high motivation, creativity and innovative thinking is our way to success.


GK TRADE companies represent the well-known brands, like EOC group, Gludan GmbH, Baumer HHS, Gard chemicals, Flint group, Cusbor S.L., Lamina system AB, Solema srl., Sumbel Gmbh, Bickers Klebetechnik GmbH, Paperfox, Peroni Ruggero and others.




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