The Lamina FA Blackline is a highly accurate, high speed sheet-to-sheet fully automatic laminating/mounting machine. The machine can handle most of the existing materials in the market.
The compact construction makes the machine operator friendly with a very short set-up time. The modular construction allows easy upgrading and maintainance resulting in a machine that lasts for many years.
A number of options such as Single Face Feeder, Down Stacker, Flip-Flop, Pressure Belt etc. can be added whenever required.

A Lamina Model BLACKLINE FA sheet laminator
For sheet-to-sheet laminating of paper and cardboard-to-cardboard, solid and corrugated.
The machine features a modular construction which combines a rigid framework with modern anodized aluminium profiles resulting in a heavy-duty, yet attractive unit that will give many years of dependable service. Set up and changeover are accomplished quickly and easily from the operator side without the use of tools. A combination of mechanical and photocell controls results in consistent registration accuracy of less than ± 0,5 mm when proper materials and conditions exist.
Automatic substrate sheet feeder
For automatic feeding of the bottom sheet. Suction cups pick up the bottom sheet from the rear edge of the stack and transfer it to the precision gluing unit. The full line of suction cups is easy to move on a guide for a quick set-up. The feeder is designed to handle materials from 250 gm/m2 with a thickness of 0,6 - 10 mm.
Automatic top sheet feeder
For automatic feeding of top sheets. Suction cups pick up the top sheet from the rear edge of the stack and transport it to the top sheet conveyor. The full line of suction cups is easy to move on a guide for a quick set-up. The feeder is designed to handle materials 130-450gm/m2.
Precision gluing unit
The gluing units for accurate application of cold PVA glue to the upper surface of the substrates are equipped with automatic glue dispensers directly connected to the glue container. The film thickness of the glue is automatically kept under control irrespective of the sheet (board) thickness. During machine standstill the rotation speed of the rollers is reduced to a low idling speed. The precision gluing unit can be made fully accessible for easy cleaning by vertically swinging the top and bottom sheet conveyors up and out of the way.
Press station
This unit consists of an adjustable press roller system ensuring perfect lamination.
Stacking table
For the stacking of finished products. the table can be turned and pulled out acc to requirements.
PLC control system
The Lamina PLC control system includes: Touch screen monitor, continuous display of operating status, display of set up procedures for machine functions, touch screen activation of controlled machine functions and complete diagnostic screen with visual alarm.