EOC group

EOC GROUP Adhesive Division has a very wide range of high-quality industrial adhesives based on synthetic and natural polymers specially developed to meet customer expectations.

EOC Group Adhesive Division continuously works to improve quality and service to give an economical and technical advantage to its customers



Paper- and Cardboard Converting

Litho - Laminating

Solid board

Graphic board

Plastic films

Aluminium foil

Metallized films

Honeycomb paper


Tube Winding and Edge Protectors

Spiral wound tubes and cores

Parallel or convolute wound tubes

Straight wound tubes

Industrial applications

Composite consumer applications

Cardboard drums

Light and heavy duty edge protectors




Box folding

Food contact approved adhesives

Production and laminating of honeycomb board


Paper bags & sacks


Hygiene Products


Wrap around

Toilet paper

  • Core winding

  • Laminating

  • Pick up

  • Tail seal


Wood- and Cork Industry

Laminating – D2, D3 and D4 wood glue


Wood profile wrapping

Edge banding





Construction, assembly and insulation industry

Manufacturing of polyester strapping

Binding of glass fibres

Glass/mineral wool lamination

Laminating of foam

Production of gypsum board

Sandwich panels

Filter components

Waterproofing elements



Textile lamination – thermo-activated adhesives

Carpet edge folding

Foam/mattress assembly

Textile covers for mattress


Book Binding