Glue Guns
Bickers Industrial Glue Guns are famous for precision, speed and simple handling. They are an inseparable part of both craft and industry. Typical useres are varied from painters and decorators, tile and carpet-layers, electrical work, to plumbing, heating, roof construction, and for large visual displays. The Bickers Industrial Glue Guns are a sturdy, but lightweight, and a very durable tool that has endless uses.
Mechanical Glue Guns
Bickers Industrial Glue Guns suit 11.3 mm, 18.3 mm sticks and even granules from a main tank. With temperature settings from 120 ° C to 230 ° C and minimum heating time, these products are also suitable for precise short run work. An impact resistant and lightweight housing ensures long life of the product and fatigue-free working.
Pneumatic Glue Guns
Bickers Exact Glue Guns operated with compressed air can use high and low viscosity adhesives in various forms like: stick, granule, pillows, cartridges or cushions. Hot Melt can be applied as a point, line, or spray. Everything is possible, from the smallest point of about 0.1 g to a line of 100 meters.
Our glue guns can be adapted with many recommended accessories on request. The choice extends from special nozzles, tripods and foot switches up to pre-melting units.
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