The Xdot digital printing system and the matching Braille print head can be used to apply tactile Braille text in the Marburg Medium font according to DIN EN 15823 on a variety of substrates, such as paper, board or plastic films.
Neither a screen nor a stamping tool is necessary. Rather, a special UV varnish is applied, which is cured by means of a UV drier (LED or conventional) and becomes a tactile and therefore readable pattern.

An Xdot Braille print head has 6 reliably operating nozzles, which can apply two lines of Braille at a time in the printing direction at a speed of up to 50 m/min. Multiple print heads apply up to 16 lines simultaneously. This makes it possible to simultaneously print on labels arranged side-by-side on a roil, for example.

The Braille print job is created and entered via a touch screen and the integrated, easy-to-use interface. In addition to the label size, or the size of the blank, the text to be printed is entered in plain text in Latin letters. The input is converted to Braille in accordance with the chosen target language. Moreover, XML or tested Sensus data can also be read directly from a USB stick. This rules out typing errors and maximises production reliability.

As the pharmaceutical industry demands 100% control, the Xdot digital printing system can be linked to the Baumer hhs Braille inspection system. By using special lighting and special lighting geometry, Braille dots are controlled independently of the printed substrate. An error signal for a marker or an ejector is output if defective products are detected.

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