Camera Systems
Camera systems for demanding products
The same security that your end customers demand from you has been integrated in the entire process chain by Baumer hhs.
Inline production – checking – ejection – documentation

Sensors are no longer enough for monitoring complex products with a multitude of glue lines and other quality attributes. As part of the Xtend² system, camera technology with a camera and a screen can monitor not only multiple glue lines, but at the same time also the following attributes, for example:
8 and more glue lines, correct folding, flap lengths, label position, bar code, matrix code, print pattern, blank sheets, film window and many more…

If you need to monitor product quality at several points, e.g. before and after folding a flap, you can connect up to three cameras to one system.

Vision Sensor
Camera-monitored product data and live picture.
You see what Xtend² sees; additional visual checking by means of live picture and archive.

Thanks to the live camera images on the screen, the system not only outputs Go/No-Go information on a product, but in many cases makes the cause of an error visible. Additionally, camera monitoring with live images permits tracking of emerging faults, which makes it possible to rectify a problem before it causes a quality problem. An integrated process resulting in less machine downtime and waste.

With its visualisation of the monitoring process, the camera system greater facilitates error evaluation for the operator. The user interface ensures that it is easy to set up the system for the product to be manufactured.

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