Die Cutting Monitor
The universal control system for ensuring identity on high-speed die-cutters
Xcam DCM reliably prevents different products from being mixed up during the die-cutting process. The Xcam DCM system includes a colour camera to capture the printed codes, an electronic controller and a 15″ touch screen. This serves to visualise the process data and enables all parameters to be entered in an easy, intuitive manner. The colour camera is installed using a system of robust, low-vibration adjusting rods above the feed table of the die-cutter. The position of the colour camera can be adjusted quickly and easily. A non-contact measurement is made on the briefly stationary sheet. In the event of an error, the sheet remains on the feed table and can be simply removed.
Die-cutters with blank separation allow defective sheets to be tracked to the blank separation station and removed there.
The Xcam DCM saves all parameters and statistical data in a PDF file. A link via a TCP/IP data interface enables data to be transferred to other systems.
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