Smart Piston Pumps
Smart Piston Pumps
Pneumatic piston pumps with pressure ratios from 2:1 to 9:1 are used for delivering medium- and high-viscosity materials. Non-contact, electronic reversal makes this pump series reliable and robust. Direct communication with the control unit makes it possible to continuously regulate the output pressure and adjust it as a function of speed.
The touch screen even provides step-by-step instructions for changing the filter.
Next-generation Baumer hhs smart glue delivery.
Minimum maintenance: Reliable, robust design for a long service life.
Next to no down time: The control unit guides the user step by step through the filter change procedure.
Uniform glue application: The built-in pressure regulator adjusts the glue pressure proportionally to the machine speed.
High, uninterrupted glue flow: Non-contact, electronic reversal of the piston stroke.
Safety during production: Continuous monitoring of glue pressure and pump status, such as dry running or hose breakage.
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