Entry Level Systems
The Xpect philosophy
Entry-level systems are called Xpect and can be retrofitted on all familiar machines. The main aim is the simplest possible operation.
Xpect controllers
Intuitive, efficient, reliable
The new generation of Xpect controllers makes use of the proven and advanced operating concept of the Xtend² controllers. They are therefore the ideal entry-level models for controlling gluing.
The screen and the controller are separate, thus enabling them to be optimally and independently positioned on the machine. Long cables to the application heads are a thing of the past.
Today, the Xpect controller has state-of-the-art electronics. The innovative switched-mode power supply of Xpect controllers is unaffected by voltage fluctuations and therefore ensures trouble-free production without requiring additional UPS units.
Glue pressure settings are conveniently adjusted on the centrally installed display. Preset default values can be reloaded at any time and ensure stable production.
The new pressure curve setting option enables the operator to carry out changes simply and have them visualised directly.
The essential data of hot melt units are displayed and remain in sight at all times, if so desired.
Xpect folding carton
Switch on, start, evaluate
Read colour code, detectglue and reject defective products
With the Xpect system, Baumer hhs presents a complete, turnkey solution for the most common quality assurance operations in the production of folding cartons. In conjunction with Xpect, the sensors evaluate compliance with your quality criteria. The affected product is ultimately either ejected or marked, or the machine stops. In addition, you get constantly updated statistics for the entire job.
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