Glue Detection

JET glue line control

The glue line control function encompasses the identification of adhesives (cold glue and hot melt) on a wide variety of materials, and evaluation of the position and shape of the applied glue. Xtend³ controls the glue on all products passing through the machine. The device checks whether the actual values of the prescribed parameters are within the limits set by the operator.
Intelligent sensors
The product is already assessed in the sensor Simple integration of future sensor Technologies


All Baumer hhs sensors have an electronic fingerprint that makes them unique. The Xtend³ system automatically detects the system configuration when the sensors are connected. This minimises the setup effort and monitors the operating hours of the sensors. To be sure! The same security that your end customers demand of you has been integrated in the entire process chain by Baumer hhs. Intelligent sensors leave nothing to chance and create complete security from feeder to end customer.

You can look after other important things while Xtend² keeps your machine running.

Hot melt Sensor

The first sensor that can reliably detect even the smallest dots of hot melt. The HLT-300 is a sensor with integrated evaluation electronics.

While Baumer hhs opts for measuring humidity to detect cold glue, the sensor for detecting hot melt operates thermally. This ensures the HLT-300 can detect hot melt coating with the same precision as interrupted lines or tiny dots. Especially when detecting tiny dots, all the sensors previously available on the market were overtaxed, since thermal detection and the small glue areas in dot application seemed to exclude each other.

As soon as the operator has defined the tolerance for the optimum adhesive quantity, the sensor electronics operate autonomously. Instead of sending low-level signals via amplifier interfaces, the HLT-300 sensor itself decides whether or not a product has been glued well – the answer is purely digital. From then on, only purely digital signals are processed without interference. This makes the results virtually free of the usual limitations arising from product speed, dot spacing and influences from the rough industrial environment. Poorly glued products are reliably detected according to the “fail-safe principle”.

That takes manufacturers using hot melt one step closer to delivering 100% quality products.The Baumer hhs developers also integrated further useful tools for daily work in the small, roughly 20 x 40 mm housing. A laser facilitates mechanical adjustment, while an integrated light barrier detects the exact product length and transmits it digitally via a separate output.

– All-in-one – integrated sensor + logic + user interface
– Mini-housing – very small design
– Teach-in function – simple teach-in of hot-melt application at the push of a button
– Display – integrated signal and level display
– Digital output – simple evaluation by machine controllers (PLCs)
– Laser – allows precision positioning
– Object signal – additional output for product detection

DISC: side seam control

DISC monitors flat glue lines with the help of microwave sensors. Glue control sensors can be connected to the Glue Vision Disc module to monitor the gluing of glue flaps on cartons.

The side seam control function encompasses the identification of adhesives on a wide variety of materials, as well as assessment of the glue position, shape and quantity.

– Glue quantity control over the entire glue flap length
– Two channels
– Timer function
– Sequence error detection with automatic feeder stop
– Storage of the last defective cartons
– Statistics (glue errors, length errors, gap errors)
– LNT 300 microwave sensors (photo)

LNT 300 microwave sensor                                       Xtend³ detects sensors automatically

MLT-40 multi-bead sensor for corrugated boxes

You can check application of the adhesive, not only in critical applications. Is glue everywhere it should be? Has the blank been glued at points where it shouldn’t have been? A sensor on the controller decides in fractions of a second whether the blank needs to be sorted out. Cardboard fragments or holes are detected – but also ignored up to a defined length, so as to avoid unnecessary interruptions of production. Another function checks compliance with the prescribed minimum distance of the outermost glue line from the edge of the board, or whether the blank is skew.
You can look after other important things while Baumer hhs keeps your machine running.


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