A wide range of single and multiple application heads applies thermoplastic materials by the dot, line, strip and spray method. Optional domed nozzles make the Type HM-500-D a jack-of-all-trades that can even position hot melt around corners.

The heads are smaller than those of the competition, and the higher quality of their workmanship is instantly noticeable. The compact HM-500 hot melt application heads set standards in gluing technology as regards robustness and reliability. Even medium- and high-viscosity adhesives can be applied perfectly, thanks to the powerful pneumatic system of these heads. The HM-500 also even starts up cleanly after lengthy machine stoppages, permitting an immediate production start and thus reducing reject rates.

In addition to connection to XM-820 Xmelt controllers, operation via external controllers (PLC) is also possible. Baumer hhs offers all-round insulation for your HM heads, also for retrofitting. Thanks to a reduced surface area, less energy is required for heating. That not only saves time, but is also gentle on the adhesive and the seals, as well as on the environment. As a result of minimised heat dissipation, the hot melt head needs only 50% of the original energy to achieve the same gluing results. To ensure that the heads maintain their temperature, an intermediate layer of plastic prevents heat dissipation from the head into the bracket. This guarantees a homogeneous temperature distribution in the head, such as is required for optimum adhesive application. Selected materials, such as carbide needle and stainless-steel nozzle, ensure a long service life. UL/CSA approval.

Robust and narrow electro-pneumatic heads for the application of glue tracks and dots. Regardless whether you require dot, line, swirl (Spiramelt), spray or surface application: the multitude of variants and special designs allows the HM-500-series to meet any demand.

The HM-500-series achieves high cycle rates and a clean start up behaviour even after longer machine stops. This minimises the reject rate and provides a direct production start.

The compact HM-500 hot melt application heads set new glue application technology standards in terms of robustness and reliability. The powerful pneumatics in these heads allows the perfect application of even highly viscous glues at high production speeds.
Approvals CE, UL/CSA

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