Flexicoat PSA
Flexible solution for the application of pressure-sensitive adhesive in the corrugated board industry
Various types of transport and shipping packaging are used to protect products during transport and simplify itself.
The steadily growing volume of Internet sales, and the associated enormous variety of different products and product sizes, today forbid this traditional approach to packaging.
The application of adhesive to corrugated board surfaces places particular demands on the gluing technology. Thick layers have to be applied in order to compensate for the unevenness of the surface.
Our Flexicoat coating heads have an extremely robust head bracket, with which the coating head is positioned in relation to the cardboard surface.
The patented product guide beneath the cardboard is spring-loaded and effectively compensates for differences in thickness.
The clean cut-off ensures that the adhesive is not carried over to undesired areas of the packaging or into the machine.
Flexicoat means flexibility
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