Entry Level

Entry level hot melt application from the hot melt specialist

The new Xmelt entry level melters are aimed at all users who want precise adhesive application, but do not need the capabilities of the Xmelt series.
In this way, costs are reduced, without losing flexibility in adhesive application.
The melters have up to 4 hose connections and a specially coated tank for gentle melting of the glue and easy cleaning.

Non return filter cartridge

The filter cartridge reliably filters interfering particles out of the adhesive, securely closes the bottom of the filter and is rapidly changed thanks to direct access.

Health and safety

A pressure relief valve and an overtemperature switch offer the operators safety during production.

Application heads

Xmelt entry level supports the proven, robust application heads of the HM 500 Series. Dot application, line application, Spiramelt and spray application.

Xmelt entry level as flexible as your applications

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