Xmelt hot melt hoses transport liquid hot melt to the application head at the right temperature.

Xmelt hot melt hoses are equipped with heating and temperature sensors and can control the temperature of the hot melt at various levels from the tank to the application head in conjunction with Baumer hhs hot melt units and application heads.

You, the user, do not have to worry about the electrical design. Special Baumer hhs electronics allow Xmelt application heads and Xmelt hoses to communicate with the central Xmelt melter. There is absolutely no need to set parameters, since the devices recognise and communicate with each other.

Hot melt hose structure:

Inner hose:

– Temperature-resistant plastic

– Very low coefficient of friction

– High chemical resistance

– High heat resistance

– High ageing resistance

Stainless steel casing:

– Protects the inner hose

 Heating conductor:

– Wound around the casing for uniform heating

Pt-100 sensor:

– Monitors the temperature

Silicone hose:

– Durable protection and heat insulation


– Polyamide fabric

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