Xmelt hot melt units, combined with Xmelt hot melt hoses and application heads, form a hot melt application system.

The hot melt application system works with a double-acting electronic piston pump, or alternatively a gear pump, with a microprocessor controller for 14 heating circuits with PID characteristics.

The Xmelt melter transforms the adhesive granules into liquid glue and maintains the necessary constant temperature. When the hot melt application heads are activated, the hot melt system pumps the liquid adhesive through heated hoses to the heads, where it is applied to the packaging surface at the correct temperature.
With Xtend² controllers, you can operate hot melt application centrally for the first time. On a touch screen, you can enter the required lengths of the glue lines and specify the heating-up of tank, hoses and application heads.

– Two, four, six or eight hose connections
– Large-surface filter on the delivery side
– Capacitive level monitoring
– Pneumatic pressure relief
– Display rotatable through 180° (tanks up to 12 kg)
– Touch screen display (tanks over 40 kg)
– Sturdy plastic housing
– Double filtering on the intake side
– Modular electronics – optionally expandable
– High-quality, non-stick tank coating
– Tank capacities up to 80 kg (360° view)
– UL/CSA approval

Numerous optionally available components form a modular system, with which Baumer hhs meets your technical challenges when applying thermoplastic and reactive hot melts.

Big Melters

With piston pump or gear pump(s)

As an alternative to the proven piston pump with wear-free electronic reversal of the piston stroke, you can also equip the large Xmelt® melters with a gear pump(s) to ensure extremely even glue application.

Secure future with Xmelt®

The system grows with you and your future production requirements – in terms of new products, production workflows or capacity.

Rapid change of pumps

On the larger units, you can easily change the gear pumps even when the tank is full. This permits different flow rates for different jobs.

Thought out to smallest detail: Xmelt® InterActive.

The successful series of Xmelt® melters is growing. Now, melters with a tank volume of 80 kg and more and 8 hoses offer the same convenience that the users of smaller units have come to appreciate. With internal and external data communication, the melting equipment serves as the data centre of your machine. On request, you can save glue and energy easily by configuring the parameters from your control station or from the Xtend quality assurance system.

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