Melters for PUR
Bag Melters XBM
Economical on glue and time.
Xmelt Bag Melters XBM for PUR Adhesives
Effective and resource-saving work with PUR adhesives requires continuous production without process interruptions, minimum cleaning times and long maintenance intervals. These demands are outstandingly met by the brand-new XBM bag melter. It thus sets a new standard of quality in sustainable and economical production.
Safe process
When designing the XBM bag melters, great attention was paid to the health and safety of the user. The fact that these efforts were successful is proved by measurements by the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association.
The measurements carried out at the hhs solution-center confirm that Baumer hhs offers a system that falls well within the applicable limits.
That makes Baumer hhs the only manufacturer of adhesive application systems to be certified as supplying a system with low isocyanate emissions.
Low adhesive consumption
PUR adhesives are expensive to buy. For this reason, the design of the bag melter allows complete emptying and a long shelf life of the opened bag. The bag contents are used up entirely and no expensive residues are left. Premature hardening and oxidation of the polyurethane adhesive are prevented by hermetic sealing to exclude atmospheric air, in connection with a special pressing cycle.
Melters for PUR adhesives                               Simple Cleaning
Minimum cleaning effort
It is easy to clean the bag melter. The high-quality, non-stick coating of all adhesive-carrying parts of the bag melter ensures quick and easy cleaning. The tank cover can be removed without tools, and the operator can effortlessly reach all parts to be cleaned. The short, easy cleaning cycle increases the productivity of the machine.
Continuous production secured.
The bag can, of course, be changed without interrupting production. The gentle, but rapid melting ensures a quick start without a long wait.
Sophisticated tank design.
Brought to perfection, the tank allows optimised melting of the adhesive and easy cleaning. Only the required amount of adhesive is melted. The effective insulation of the tank saves energy.
Rapid change of pumps
Powerful gear pumps convey the adhesive. To adjust the flow rate, they can be replaced in a few simple steps, even when the tank is full. The XBM-02 bag melter offers several pressure circuits within one device. So, only one device is necessary for the production of transparent crash-lock cartons. Side seams and dots are applied with equal perfection.
Touch Screen on XBM-20                      Swivelling display (XBM-02)                 Easy to clean
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