Tape Table

The Lamina Tape Table is a manual fed taping machine.
By the genius construction it is able to handle various sizes of different materials.

The tool free set-up allows a quick change over even for a short run.
The Lamina Tape Table is a straight line taping machine constructed on a sturdy frame of extruded aluminium pro les. The machine is designed for manual feeding of diecut, creased and slotted materials. The blanks are positioned by the operator and the tape applicator applies the tape as it passes through the machine. The length and the exact position of the tape lines are easily set with its simple to use touch screen.
A system of press rollers ensures perfect adhesion and guides the taped blanks to a stacking unit which is easily adjustable for different sizes. The Lamina Tape Table is delivered ready-made for connection to the electrical and pneumatical systems.

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