QUADRO is a stacker for pads and partition elements, made in solid board, corrugated board or other materials (acetate, foam, plastic).

QUADRO has been designed to maximize the efficency of your production flow, whether it involves slotter and slitter creasers, or advanced cutting machines (›link).

Thanks to the smart ‘L’ shape configuration, QUADRO doesn’t need a dedicated operator; even better, a single operator can comfortably handle the cutting machine together with ciclically unloading the stacker.

QUADRO allows you a more profitable manpower management.

Technical data

  • Row lenght [A]: min. 600 mm / max. 1500 mm
  • Row width [B]: min. 150 mm / max. 550 mm
  • Element lenght [C]: min. 150 mm
  • Element thickness: min. 2 mm / max. 8 mm
  • • Row high: max. 300 mm
  • Speed: max. 6000 row / hour
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