Automatic machine for simultaneous slitting, creasing, scoring and crosscutting mainly used for corrugated board with high precision electronic advancement

  •  Slitting, creasing, scoring and crosscutting combined in a single pass;
  •  High precision electronic advancement for highest cutting accuracy +/- 0,2 mm;
  •  High production of blanks, reinforcements, inner fitments, protection and filling;
  •  Materials cut: corrugated board, solid fiber board, presspan, acetate, foam and plastic materials;
  •  Simple and fast set up (ideal also for short runs);
  •  Doubled production with the process of two sheets in a single pass;
  •  Rational removal and collection of initial, final and lateral trim waste by belt conveyors standard to the specification;
  •  Compact design reduces floor space requirements

Technical data

  •  Max. working width: 1300 mm
  •  Min. working width: 200 mm
  •  Sheet advance/crosscut lenght: min. 20 mm / max. 1400 mm
  •  Min. distance between rotary knives:min. 50 mm
  •  Min. distance between creasing/scoring tools: min. 25 mm
  •  Board caliper (solid fiber): 4 mm
  •  Board caliper (corrugated board): 10 mm
  •  Average linear speed: 16-20 m / minute
  •  Set-up time:
  •  for each pair of slitting knives – 1 minute
  •  for each set of creasing/scoring tools – 1 minute
  •  order change scrap removal/clean up – 3 minutes



  •  Sheet feeder
  •  Scoring tools
  •  Creasing tools
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