Automatic machine for the cutting and simultaneous assembling of solid board partitions operating from the reel

  •  Single automatic line cutting and assembling in one single operation;
  •  High production of solid board assembled partitions up to 50 pieces/minute (depending of format dimensions);
  •  Material cut: solid board;
  •  All functions are programmed in the control panel, parameter saved ideal also for quick set up for short runs;
  •  Double output with the assembling of two sets of partitions at a time;
  •  Reduced waste;
  •  The transversal elements are first assembled then cut avoiding insertion problems and waste;
  •  Fully automatic operation because equipped with Collapser for assembled partitions

Technical data

  •  Roll width: min. 100 mm – max. 850 mm
  •  Roll diameter: max. 2000 mm
  •  Roll weight: max. 1500 kg
  •  Roll core: 150 mm – 300 mm (on request)
  •  Partition length: max. 810 mm
  •  Partition width: max. 810 mm
  •  Partition height: min. 38 mm / max. 400 mm
  •  Board thickness: min. 0,6 mm – max. 1,2 mm
  •  Min. cells format: 15 x 15 mm (according to the matrix type in use)


  •  Collapser
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