Multi-purpose machine able to perform eight different operations in a single pass: board feeding, timing, partition die-cutting, creasing, scoring, slitting, crosscutting and shinghling of finished pieces on the collecting table.


  •  Sheets and reel feeding systems:works with standard and singleface corrugated board;
  •  Die-Cut tooling while working: no need to stop for the next job set-up;
  •  Servo managed adjustments: make ready is no more time wasting;


Technical datas

  •  Input board width max.: 1400 mm
  •  Input board width min.: 230 mm
  •  Input board lenght: feeding with sheets min. 780mm / max. 2700mm
  •  Input board lenght: feeding from reel – unlimited (singleface)
  •  Input board thickness: corrugated board min 0,8mm – max 8mm
  •  Input board thickness: solid board min 0,5mm – max 1,4mm
  •  Distance between cuts: min. 25mm
  •  Distance between scores: min. 35mm
  •  Distance between creases: min. 35mm
  •  Distance between slitting: min. 35mm
  •  Crosscutting: min. 30mm – max. 1600mm
  •  Partitions height: max. 420mm – min. 38mm (with V-lock die-cut)/67mm (with Euro-Lock die-cut)
  •  Machine throughput: up to 170 cuts/minute
  •  Cross direction/in line direction tolerance: ± 0,5mm



  •  Automatic feeder CB-Feed
  •  air shafts (easier rotary knives set-up)
  •  laser measuring (tools positioning)
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