The HEROLD Electric Label Gluer

Durable, flexible and cost-effective. The reliable Herold produces superior results for label mounting. It applies a controlled amount of adhesive on the back of large or small labels. The glued label is then manually placed onto flat board stock, set-up boxes or any other item to be labeled. The Herold’s durable construction, with protected gear train and brass rollers, facilitates trouble-free operation.

Production control is easily maintained due to a variable speed control. The thermostatically-controlled glue reservoir accommodates cold-water based adhesives as well as hot animal glues. The Herold is offered in both 500 mm, 650 mm and 800 mm roller widths and an optional pressure-bar attachment is available for applying adhesive onto rigid/thick stock such as chipboard, plywood, corrugated, stuffed envelopes and other materials up to 25 mm thick.

Working size Maximum Label width Roller Speed m/min Glue Capacity Net Weight TableSpace Requirement
500 mm 483 mm 14 – 21 m 2,8 l 60 kg 68 x 43 cm
650 mm 636 mm 14 – 21 m 3,7 l 76 kg  83 x 43 cm
800 mm 788 mm 14 – 21 m  4,7 l 90 kg 98 x 43 cm
1000 mm 988 mm 14 – 21 m 6,0 l 110 kg 118 x 43 cm

Standard Features:
– Double roller design for excellent glue-film control
– Variable speed control
– 230 V. or 380 V. motor

– Pressure-bar attachment for gluingmaterials up to 25 mm thick
– Edge/strip gluing attachment
– 500 -deep feed table for geater ease of operation when working with long labels
– Thermostatically-controlled, heated glue tray
– Glueroller and glue tray in stainless steel

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