The REGENT Label/Laminating Press

Versatile, adjustable and maintenance-free. The REGENT label/laminating press saves labor and puts the professional, finishing touch on glued articles, whatever the material combinations. The laminating possibilities are unlimited, whether it is used in a graphic-arts or printing-house environment, or by anyone mounting large litho labels. Consistently smooth, wrinkle-free results are achieved on articles up to 30 mm thick in combinations of flexible/rigid, flexible/flexible and rigid/rigid materials. Paper, cloth, rubber, leather, boxboard, wood, metal and other materials are pressed quickly and easily, without special preparation.

The encased rollers and gears allow completely safe operation and make the Regent virtually maintenance-free. The upper rubber roller and lower metal roller apply perfect tension at all times and are completely adjustable. Variable speed control is standard.
Working size Maximum Label width Roller Speed m/min Net Weight TableSpace Requirement
500 mm 483 mm 16 – 21 m 48 kg 72 x 43 cm
650 mm  636 mm 16 – 21 m 55 kg 87 x 43 cm
800 mm 788 mm 16 – 21 m 63 kg 102 x 43 cm
1050 mm 1032 mm 16 – 21 m 70 kg  127 x 43 cm


Standard Features
– Rubber upper roller, metal lower roller
– Adjustabel tension-and-thichness control
– Variable-speed control
– 230 V. or 380 V. motor

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