WS and FW

The Lamina Working Station is a free standing module or an option for the Hot-Melt Gluer. As an option the free standing module can be equipped with its own programmable Hot-Melt unit for up to 4 glue guns.




The Material is transported by four vacuum belts, witch bring the sheets to the stop bar for further operations.
The vacuum is created by a fan, that controls the sheets for easy handling and perfect registration.
During production the operator has full access above the sheets for further mounting due to the vacuum belt system.
Pressure rollers
The material is passing two pressure rollers in the end of the machine for a perfect tack.
Registration unit
The registration is +/- 1 mm and is done with a combination of a photocell and a pusher guide. The operator is using side lays to get an easy mounting procedure in the station.