Tuning Material & Tools

Tools for setting DAISO, G-TAPE creasing matrices. They are necessary for the correct installation of matrices. Thanks to Japanese quality, they allow cutting, gluing and installation with high precision.

VS-IV DAISO-Cutter is a patented innovation from Japan and the first cutter that can cut and chamfer creasing matrixes to size in one step at the same time. By eliminating the need for time-consuming post-processing, the set-up time is considerably reduced. More Time to Produce: Double 45° mitre cut & chamfering in a single step; Set-up time optimisation due to elimination of need of reworking; Side stop for adjusting the width; Perfect wast ejection; Exclusive for our Creasing Matrix G-Tape. Example Calculation [Time Saving]: Duration (manual chamfering): approx. 10 min; Orders per shift: 3; Shifts per day: 2; Working days per month: 20 days; Time saving per month: 1200 min = 20 hours; Machine-hour rate: 285 €/h. Savings potential: 68.400 € per year.

Standard Matrix Cutter is the cost-effective table version for clean 45° mitre cuts. Both creasing matrix ends are mitred with one cut. The cutter also has a side stop for adjusting the strip width and an automatic waste ejection downwards through the counter cutting plate. The Classic for Creasing Matrix: Cutting of creasing matrix with double 45° mitre cut, Waste ejection downwards through the counter cutting plate, Side stop for adjusting the width.

Mitre Cutter. The mitre cutter with stop faces at 45° is suitable for cutting creasing matrixes by hand. It has a user-friendly plastic handle and a replaceable, coated blade. Made in Germany.
Easy Cutting of Creasing Matrix:
— Stop collar for 45° mitre cut;
— Cutting length 50mm;
— Coated blade → exchangeable;
— User-friendly plastic handle.

Jump Sticker prevents bouncing on creasing matrix and cardboard edges by lifting the material. It consists of a thin rubber and a special sticker that is stuck over it. The use of Jump Stickers thus prevents premature separation of the die-cutted product in the case of, for example, large formats that are pulled over the creasing matrix over a long distance. Another application is in the use of die-cutting creasing plates.

Aluminium Based Libic Tape The aluminium based adhesive tape Libic Tape ensures that the sheets glide smoothly over the creasing matrix. To enable the cardboard to glide more smoothly, standard package tape is often used. But the constant friction between cardboard and tape generates heat and the adhesive gradually comes off. The high heat resistance of the aluminium based adhesive tape Libic Tape prevents loosening due to frictional heat and ensures greater product safety because there is no longer any residue in the products.
Creating Transitions – Preventing Edges:
— Aluminium based tape;
— Better sliding over the creasing matrix;
— No loosening due to frictional heat;
— Increased production security;— No tape residues on the products.

Special Glue Super-G The very low-viscosity special glue Super-G is based on the motto innovation through knowledge transfer on adhesive technology in the dental field. This has resulted in a glue that is deeply absorbed, has a short curing time and develops a high adhesive strength. So materials are additionally fixed even by using only a few drops. Problem definition:
Short creasing matrixes or Pertinax matrices detach from the cutting plate
⇒ Quality loss due to floating or moving creasing matrixes or Pertinax matrices:
Cause of error:
— Dust or impurities on the cutting plate
— Worn plates with many notches
— Too short creasing matrixes or too small Pertinax matrices
The solution: prevent and lose no time
— Special glue Super-G for higher production reliability & creasing quality;
— Additional fixation of creasing matrixes and Pertinax matrices ⇒ The liquid special glue is drawn under the material and hardens.

Rubber Scissors
The Japanese Rubber Scissors with special grinding cut any rubber profiles with little effort and highest precision.
— The Japanese steel ensures a long-running sharpness;
— Fast and precise cutting;
— Clean cutting edges;
— Ergonomic handle.

Anvil Scissors Cutman The anvil scissors Cutman impress with a special grinding and a replaceable plastic plate as a counter stop. Due to the spring force transmission, cutting hard rubber, cork or plastic rails is easy.
The replaceable plastic counter stop also prevents the cutting edge from becoming blunt and thus ensures the durability of the anvil scissors.
The scissors for wide and hard rubber:
— Application to wide and hard rubber (e.g. at rotary die-cutters), cork and creasing matrix;
— High quality and durable material;
— Easy handling through power transmission;
— Super light weight and sharpcut;
— With exchangeable plastic plate (counter stop).

Super Glue Cyanon MQ-10
The premium super glue Cyanon MQ-10 is extremely temperature-resistant and ensures a guaranteed long-lasting bond. Due to its consistency, the instant adhesive has proven itself especially in the rotary diecutting sector. To prevent premature drying out, each bottle has a dispensing tip and a needle cap.
Premium Super Glue for Die-Forms:
— Very temperature resistant & long lasting adhesion;
— Particularly suitable for rotary die-forms;
— Application: Plywood, Rubber, Cork, SUTEBA – Stripping blades.

Auto Nick Punch guarantees always the same nicks due to its predefined spring force. To do this, the device only has to be placed vertically and straightly on the cutting rule and pushed down with little force. Further force is applied by the spring inside. Auto Nick Punch is perfectly suited for use when existing hygiene and fire protection regulations prohibit the use of a nick grinders. In addition Auto-Nick-Punch can also be used on hard rubber (75° shore) without damaging them. The new way to make nicks:
— Quick and easy usage with spring force;
— Square form of nicks – no wedge;
— Constant high quality because of predefined force;
— No damaging of ejection rubbers.

Nick Tool is used for manually attaching nicks. The high-quality Japanese steel guarantees a long service life. For better and safer handling, there is also an optional nick holder. The classic tool:
— Make nicks by hand;
— High quality Japanese steel;
— Nick holder for better handling.

Nick Tool Cutter Craft is used for attaching and extending nicks. The different tip widths can be easily screwed into the screw thread of the base body. This makes it quick and easy to replace the tips. Make and expand nicks with one device:
— Make nicks → tip width ≤ 1mm;
— Expand existing nicks → tip width > 1mm;
— Practical exchange of the tips with a screw thread.

The special Positioning Pin Pliers enable the gripping and removal of positioning pins without slipping. The patented jaws with both horizontal and vertical serrations increase work safety and save time. In addition, a spring support and the low weight ensure ergonomic working for many applications. Save time without slipping:
— Unique gripping jaws with vertical and horizontal serrations;
— No slipping → More work safety & time saving;
— Slender jaws for confined areas;
— Spring support and low weight for ergonomic working.

G-Setter is the unique pin system for positioning Pertinax matrices. The system consists of a high-quality brass pin, a rubber ring and a special cover. Thanks to the patented plastic covers the pins can be easily pulled out and reused much more often. The Unique Pin System for Positioning Pertinax Matrices:
— Pin system made of high-quality brass and special covers;
— Highest precision when transferring Pertinax matrices;
— Patented plastic covers allow to pull out the pins easily and reuse much more often.

Set plugs are the patented alternative for transferring Pertinax matrices without pins. The best alternative to positioning pins— for transferring Pertinax matrices without pins.

Rule Puller enables easy and efficient pulling of cutting rules up to 4 pt. The quick and easy exchange of the metal pins or holder blocks also allows flexible positioning of the rule puller. This makes changing rules on the cutting die child’s play. Simple and efficient rule pulling:
— Simple and efficient handling;
— Rule pulling without tilting;
— Interchangeable jaws for different applications;
— Flexible positioning due to magnetic metal pins;
— Maximum rule thickness = 4pt;
— All jaws available separately as replacements;
— Optional holder block for rule pulling in tightly dimensioned areas.

Rule Puller Pliers with power transmission ensure easy handling when pulling rules. The stable holding jaws make it easier to pull short cutting rules. Easier handling due to power transmission:
— Cost-effective alternative to pull rules;
— No large hand force due to power transmission;
— Solid holding jaws for good handling with short rules.

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