Glue cleaners


Situated in the U.K., Gard Chemicals is a specialist manufacturer of adhesive cleaners and release agents for the hot and cold glues used within the food, drink, packaging and associated industries, and has recently developed a new range of products that removes sticky issues with adhesives.

This new range of industry-approved Gard chemical cleaner is now being supplied to bottling halls, packaging companies, food manufacturers and more, for use on all surfaces both to clean and prevent adhesive from sticking by using safer, more efficient and environmentally-friendly products than previously available.

Whatever type of adhesive you use, we have the solutions to remove any unwanted deposits safely and effectively, as well as the release agents to prevent it from sticking again.

Gard Chemicals are specialist formulators and manufacturers of adhesive cleaners and release agents for hot and cold glues, widely used throughout Food / Packaging / Bottling and numerous other manufacturing industries.

Product Description Benefits
Gardex Hot Melt Release Agent

Prevents all hot melt glues from adhering to machine parts, components etc. Watch video

Gard EV60 Hot Melt Cleaner

Removes hot melt from label brushes, drums, glue tanks, machine guards. Odourless in use. Watch video

Gard Oleo 60 VOC Free Hot Melt Cleaner

External Cleaner for removal of hot melt. Manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials. No hazard warning symbols. Used on label brushes, drums, glue tanks, machine guards etc.

Gard PUR 60 External PUR Cleaner

Liquid cleaner for cured and uncured PUR adhesives. Used for component or application roller cleaning.

GHMP Thixo Hot Melt Purge

High viscosity cleaner for vertically fed hot melt systems.

Green HMP Hot Melt Purge

Liquid tank and hose cleaner for removing charred adhesive build up.

Gardol Cold Glue Release Agent

Stops all cold glues from adhering to machinery.

DEV 16 PVA/Emulsion Cleaner

Water based cleaner for removing all cold glues from pumps, trays, rollers etc. Watch video

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