The company was founded in 1974 by Mr. Luigi Rondelli. Today, ICAT Adessives is one of the major manufacturers of adhesives for industrial applications. They are selling they production on 5 continents through an extensive network of agents/distributors. The company’s systems and technologies are able to offer innovative products and meet all market needs. The success of ICAT is mainly based on the constant updating of the characteristics of adhesives, which follow the technological evolution of adhesive supports and systems used for various industrial applications, as well as on the constant improvement of quality standards of products and services provided to the consumers.

ICAT – continuous product research aimed at solving the needs of our customers, providing solutions that fully satisfy
the needs of the market.
ICAT – zero environmental impact by minimizing waste and consuming energy from renewable sources.
ICAT – innovative and advanced products that follow the development of the global market.
ICAT – fully automatic systems, modern laboratory equipment and market-oriented information systems.

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