Daiso have innovative and unique products for the flatbed-diecutting process.
Daiso products will simplify your process and help you to save your make ready time and increase your productivity.

  • Unique creasing solution and patented cutting device to speed up the machine set up
  • Platen cleaning equipment & Cleaning service
  • New technology of rubber profiles
  • Innovative material for a perfect stripping
  • Special tuning material to prevent production stops

DAISO sharpener: polish dull/rusty edge instead of replacing new one. Watch video
One touch stripping blade: You can add stripping blade without laser cut. Watch video
VS IV DAISO Cutter. Watch video
Platen Cleaning/Tiegelreinigung. Watch video
Suteba. Stripping blade/ Abfallmesser. Watch video
DAISO Super G. Watch video
DAISO Profi Cleaner. Watch video
Positioning Plugs/ Positionsstecker. Pernitax. Watch video
Sharpener/ Messerschärfer. Watch video
Matrix Cutter. Watch video
Rule Puller Pliers/ Linienzienhzange. Watch video
Rule Puller/ Linienzienher. Watch video
Jump Sticker. Libic tape. Watch video
Auto-Nick-Punch/ Haltepunktschläger. Watch video
Nick tool/ Haltepunktmeißel. Watch video
Rubber scissors/ Gummischere. Watch video
Flex Rubber/ Flex Gummi. Watch video
AD-DACK. Watch video

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