Automatic assembly machine for solid fiber partitions

Suitable for solid board and micro-flute partitions;

High performance, production rates uo to 35 assembled sets/minute (depending on partitions dimensions);

The PLC S7 system allows to save an elevated series of parameters on a hard disc, that simplifies and reduces drastically the time of changing format;

Fully automatic operation only when equipped with Collapser;

Automatic long dividers feeding, by sweeping feeder unit;

Electronic indexing drive allows adjustments without stopping the machine.


Technical data

Max. partition length: 590 mm

Max. partition width: 530 mm

Partition height: min. 55 mm / max. 320 mm

Min. cell dimensions: 10 mm x 16 mm

Min. board caliper: 0,6 mm

Board thickness: Min. 1,5 mm – Max. 10 mm



• Collapser


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