Ideal for:
  • Rewinding blanket washing cloth for offset presses
  • Rewinding other roll materials

  • You can reduce your washcloth costs with rewinding the relatively cheaper 500 m rolls to small rolls
  • The small rolls can be used in your Heidelberg, KBA Planeta, MAN Roland, Komori, Ryobi, Mitsubishi or other printing machine
  • Custom tailored solutions are available
  • The A-1000 rewinder can be manufactured in different widths. Paperfox A-1250 ist max. width: 1050 mm 
  • Works with various materials: paper, film, foils, plastics ...
  • Variable speed rewinder
  • Simple usage
  • Low price of the rewinder
  Paperfx A-1000 Paperfox A-1250
Netto weight 28 kg 35 kg
Dimensions (width/length/ ): 110/60/130 cm 110/60/155 cm
Place demand (for the safe operation) 200/200 cm 200/200
Max. roll width: 800 mm 1050 mm
Max. lower (big) roll diameter: 600 mm 600 mm
Core diameter of the lower (big) roll: 75 mm 75 mm
Max. upper (small) roll diameter 80 mm 80 mm
Core diameter of the upper (small) roll: 18 mm 18 mm
Roller speed 0-330 rev./min. 0-330 rev./min.
Noise output less than 70 dB(A) 70 dB(A)
Operational temperature +5..+40°C +5..+40°C
Store -25...+55°C (+70°C max. 24 hours) -25...+55°C (+70°C max. 24 hours)
Humidity 50% (max.+40°C) 50% (max.+40°C)
Max. operating (from the sea ) 1000m 1000m
Voltage/Current 230V~/0,5A 230V~/0,5A
Power 90W 90W