Automatic machine for simultaneous slitting, creasing, scoring, partition slotting and crosscutting with high precision electronic advancement mainly used for corrugated and solid board.

Slitting, creasing, scoring, partition slotting and crosscutting, all combined in a single pass;

High precision electronic advancement for highest cutting accuracy +/- 0,2 mm;

High production of corrugated partitions, pads, fitments, blanks and packing reinforcements;

Materials cut: corrugated board, presspan, acetate, foam, rubber and plastic materials;

Simple and fast set up (ideal for short runs);

Doubled production with the process of two sheets in a single pass;

Rational removal and collection of initial, final and lateral trim waste by belt conveyors standard to the specification;


Technical data

Max. working width: 1300 mm

Min. working width: 200 mm

Sheet advance with slotting: min. 80mm / max. 400mm

Sheet advancement range: min. 1mm / max. 600mm

Min. distance between rotary knives:min. 50 mm

Distance creasing/scoring tools: min. 25 mm

Slot depth: min. 40 mm / max. 200 mm

Min. distance between slots: min. 40 mm

Max. corrugated board thickness: 10 mm

Speed with slotting: 50 – 100 strokes/ minute

Speed without slotting: 50-150 strokes/ minute

Set up time:

- for each pair of slitting knives – 1 minute

- for each set of scoring/creasing tools – 1 minute

- order change scrap removal/clean up – 3 minutes



• Automatic sheet feeder

• Waste suction device

• Creasing tools

• Scoring tools


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